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VALE Designs

We give children with special needs the comfort and style that they deserve. For children between 3 and 12 years old.

Premium clothes for children with disabilities

VALE® is a Danish Brand with the ambition to give people with special needs the possibility to wear high-quality Adaptive Clothing with a combination of great functional features and fashionable and sustainable designs.

We aim to provide stylish inclusive clothing solutions to cater to two groups:

1. Persons with physical disabilities or limited mobility
We want to ensure equal clothing opportunities as for everyone else, and increase their individual sense of well-being and self-esteem.

2. Caregivers and healthcare staff
We want to provide better functional solutions for their usual daily activities and increase their overall productivity, prevent physical work injuries and improve their general working environment.

Stylish and sustainable designs, with plenty of functional features

Long sleeves, short sleeves and Tank / sleeveless


Featured will an extensive array of adaptive details for facilitating your everyday life, these styles are made in the softest and most comfortable organic cotton for being used over extended periods of time directly in contact with your skin.

Easy On, Easy Off Bodystockings!

Bibs & Scarfs, Dresses, Sweatshirts, Shirts and T-Shirts (long/short sleeves)


Made in soft and comfy materials that children will love to wear, these tops have plenty of exclusive adaptive features and unique styling details that will make them your child's favorite outfit.

Made from breathable and natural organic cotton

Leggings and Trousers


Designed with a special and unique character, these bottoms with result in outstanding functional and stylish pants. Packed with exclusive details to facilitate your everyday life while still looking stylish and trendy, you will never want another pair of trousers again for your loved ones!

Beautiful and Unique Designs

Bodystockings with unique functions

Passionate adaptive designs for children with disabilities

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Want to give the perfect gift to someone you know, but you are not sure about:

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• Which style would be more useful?
• What would be the best color?

We have the perfect solution for you!
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